Saturday, September 19, 2015

Calming The Mind - Take a Breath & Let Go Slowly

Dear Mind (Ego):

This is the beginning of "goodbye." You serve many functional purposes and much of the time I actually enjoy having you around. But you will not be needed as much anymore. I'll get back to you later.


Me (Authentic Self)

Dear You:

This is step 1- take a breath. Do it now, take a breath in and just let it out. The slower you let it out, the better. You now have completed this simple, but intensely meaningful first step. Breathing is the easiest accessible body mechanism that is available to us at any time that also can have the biggest impact upon our minds and body. The more you do this, the calmer and more relaxed you will be.

Dear Mind:

You might be thinking that something as simple as breathing can have little impact or any positive effect upon you or me. However, as you will soon see and experience, it will be a significant step in my becoming disconnected from you. Again, I will get back to you later.

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