Thursday, November 19, 2015


 Hello again and thank you for reading. I hope you find these thoughts helpful. Feedback is always welcomed and you may want to check out earlier posts for previous calming of the mind steps and techniques.
It can be interesting and very useful, to notice when you try to change and alter the hearts and minds of others because you believe they are responsible for your pain and suffering. In the moment, your reaction is likely to be that of anger and anger is a nice early indicator that there is a negativity, an ego-based resistance to what is. I noticed this in a recent dialogue with the mind.

 Dear Mind,

 I now see you when you want to change the hearts and minds of others, of course that is because you assume to know the hearts and minds of others, as discussed previously (see below). The reasoning is that if you can change the hearts and minds of others you will not have to feel some form of pain and suffering you might be feeling at this moment. But now since I am on to you, starting with the understanding that I know where you are coming from, I will be catching you more often. This tendency of yours will then also fade away.

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