Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Few Recommended Guided Meditations for InsightTimer

Anyone who has worked with me and readers of this blog will know my affinity for the android and iPhone app, InsightTimer, which, by the way, has recently been updated and has some neat new features.

I am a strong advocate for meditation for anyone and everyone and the structure of guided meditations such as those featured in InsightTimer can be particularly helpful for a variety of emotional issues and concerns, including difficulties with sleep. Because there are so many to choose from (845 as of today) , below is a list that may help you get started.

·        Mindful Senses
·        James O’Sullivan
·        5’

·        One Minute Meditation
·        Don Reed Simmons
·        1’

·        Simply Being-Relaxation & Presence
·        Mary & Richard Maddox
·        5'

·        Timeless Presence
·        Stephen Pende Wormland
·        22' 

·        True North Sleep Meditation
·        Franko Heke
·        10’
I would be very interested in hearing from you if you have any particular favorite guided meditations to add to this list!

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